An estate that has been at the heart of the Dugas family for 5 generations

At the beginning of the 20th century, Henri Dugas (the great-great-grandfather of the current owners) and his brother Nazaire were studying architecture in Montreal, where they worked on the Notre-Dame cathedral. Nazaire would go on to become the first Acadian architect, and the two brothers would be the first in Acadia to build using detailed architectural designs.

Built around 1926 by Henri, La Maison Touristique Dugas would form part of an impressive estate including a wood mill, a flour mill, a sawmill and a door and window factory. In 1945, the estate was destroyed in a fire, with only the house and grange remaining.

The quality of the building and the materials used reflects the care taken in producing good-quality work. You can admire the beautiful oak woodwork, the fine moulding and the elegant spiral staircase, which so many of our visitors enjoy. Everything was created in Henri’s mill workshops.

The decor, the dinnerware, the piano and the furniture are all traditional, the majority dating back to the original house. This makes it a rare example of a typically Acadian 20th-century house.

The second house was renovated to resemble the original, with its hardwood flooring and its doors with the same moulding. 

The land, which runs down to the sea, was developed to allow tourists to enjoy the beauty of the forest whilst still being in town.

Having inherited the house from her father Émile, Martina converted it into a bed and breakfast around 1977 under the name La Maison Touristique Dugas. The 4th and 5th generations await your arrival, to give you the warmest of welcomes for your stay in a friendly and familial atmosphere.

Recipient of several prestigious awards:

  • 2001 Pioneer Award for the Tourism Industry of New Brunswick
  • 2001 Business of the Year - Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick inc.
  • 2004 Recipient of the Tourism Builder award
  • 2007 Finalist for the Award for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism
  • 2013 Award for Excellence in Commercial Signage